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Bico Faction line is out

May 31, 2008

Starting the month of July, 2008 Bico Australia will discontinue its FACTION line. The line was first marketed in the summer of 2005. This line included shiny pewter pendants which were available in plain silver or color. This year Bico Australia came out with a new line, new more designs but more importantly new colors. Now you can pick your pendant in four different finishes. If you like tradition you can always choose the silver finish but if you are looking for something little bit different you can choose your pendant either in black, brass or copper finish. To match these different finishes, six of Bico’s most popular chains also come in black finish, brass finish, or copper finish.

Now back to the Faction line. For all of you that will be looking for the faction line, you can find most of the Faction pendants as part of the new E collection marketed by Bico Australia this year. For example Fe1/Fr1 is now E282, Fe11 is now E257, Fe9 is now E288, Fe3/Fr3 is now E284, and you can also find few of the Faction line as part of the new TT collection (TT13-TT18). The TT collection is a seamless blend of two pieces to create one magnificent pendant.

So most of the Faction line did not disappear, it just come now as mat pendant with different choice of finishes. will keep faction on its web site but it won’t be for sell.

Roi team